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phil & helen
27th January 2010, 11:29
you had upto now ? First car was a Plymouth Fury , whilst in Canada , came home, then had motorbikes - 2 Suzukis / 2 Hondas - got fedup of being cold & wet so swopped in for a Reliant Regal then as follows ;
Cortina MK11 Estate
Alpha GTV
Austin Princess
Mini van
Peueot 205GTI ( had a crash in this & it never felt the same after being repaired )
Peugeot 106D
Citreon Volcane
Citreon BX
Renault 19
Honda Civic
Nissan 300zx - favorite ever car, upto now , would you belive I traded it in for a -
Daewoo Matiz !
and lastly , but by no means leastly , my lovely 75 , hope to keep this one for a long time !!!!

27th January 2010, 11:52
Ford Taunus (LHD)
Austin Maxi
Renault 5 GTL
Renault 5 Gordini
Renault 18
Renault 18 Estate
Reanult 25 V6 auto
Ford Granada 2.8
Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia
Rover 216 GTi (really fun car :) )
Rover VVC Coupe
Rover 620 Ti (modified to 300+ BHP) (Got the late-onset boy racer out of me ;) )
Rover 75 CDT manual
Rover 75 CDT auto (VeeKay)

Hmm... more than I thought ;)

27th January 2010, 11:53
Ive had that many cant remember all of them.The ones i can, mgbs and mgbgt v8,tr6 ,stag my dream car and worst car.ford consul covertable,zephier6 mk1cortina,3000capri,anglia,hilman super minx,humber sceptre,avenger,vauxhallcaviler,vauxhall victor 101,truimph herald convertable,truimph2500pi, austin a35,1100,1300gt,1800,wolsley6,metro,rover25,rover4 18,rover600gsdi and last my 75.I wish i had photgaphed them all.

27th January 2010, 12:12
Citreon cx
Ford Capri
Rover SDi 2600
Volvo 240
Volvo 340
Peugeut 305
Rover Sdi 2600
Renault 18
Austin Abassador 2.0
Ford Cortina Crusader
Mazda 626
Rover Sdi 2600
Austin Abassador 1.6
Morris Ital
Austin Abassador 2.0
Toyota Corrolla
Saab 900
Rover Sdi 2600
Rover 820se
Citreon Bx
Vauxhall Cavilier
Rover 820 SE
Rover 820 SE
Renault 25
Toyota corrolla
Rover Sterling
Honda Legend
Vauxhall Omega
and now
ROVER 75 Tourer cdt.

Not that many cars in 20 years of driving lol

27th January 2010, 12:19
Renault 18
Renault 18 Avenue
Renault 25 GTS
Renault 25 GTX
Alfa Romeo 164 2.0TS
Alfa Romeo 146 1.9 JTD
Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTD
MG ZS 180
MG ZT 260 (current)

and on the side:

Yamaha XJ750 Seca
Yamaha FJ1200
Yamaha XJ750 Maxim-X
Yamaha VMX1200 (V-Max)
Yamaha YZF600 Thundercat

Looking for another bike as I am without one at the moment

27th January 2010, 12:21
Lada Riva (dont laught it was only 80)
Talbolt Horizon
Ford Fiesta
Cavalier CDI
Mazda 626
Ford Siera
Nissan Bluebird
Subaru Estate
ford orion
BMW 318
Rover 820 (First rover)
Ford Siera
Cavailer 4x4
Saab 900
Rover 820 (second one)
Rover 820 (bought the first one back and rebulit it )
ford mondeo
VW Passat (petrol)
Renault laguna
Nissan Xtrail
VW Passatt (Diesel)MG ZT CDTi 135+

27th January 2010, 13:06
Well in the last 20 years of driving I have owned or had assigned to me as company cars:

Pug 106D (1.5 not the 1.4!)
Pug 405 GTXi
Range Rover, bobtailed with full roll cage fitted (massive fun off road)
Yamaha XV535
Yamaha YZF600R
Ford Fiesta Mk1 (yes these really are in chronological order!!!!)
Ford Focus
Vauxhall Vectra SRi
Pug 406 Excutive
Ford Mondeo 1.8td
Renault laguna 1.8
Audi A6 1.8t (lovely car, didn't want to give that company car back)
Honda Prelude 2.3 4ws (great fun)
Honda Accord aerodeck
Rover 75 CDT

Crikey, far more there then I thought there was!!!!

27th January 2010, 13:08
86 Mk II Astra 1.3
68 MK III Triumph Spitfire
87 VW Polo Coupe S (written off on the way back home from the garage :mad:)
88 VW Polo Coupe S
94 Fiat Punto 55S
90 VW Golf GTI
94 Peugeot 106 Rallye (what a little car!!)
95 MG MGF VVC (worst car I have ever had for problems!! :mad:)
97 Rover 200VI
99 Land Rover Freelander 1.8XEI
01 MG ZT 190+
04 MG ZT 190+
05 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI LX (Boring, Boring, Boring :mad:)
05 Ford C-MAX 1.8 Zetec (Boring, Boring, Boring :mad:)
05 BMW 118d (great car, second best to the ZT :lol:)
07 Honda CR-V 2.2CDTI EX (seriously, the absolute worst car of all time!!)
06 Mazda 6 2.0D
00 Rover 75 2.5 Club SE
04 MG ZT 190 SE :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

27th January 2010, 13:25
1938 Austin 14
1947 Rover 14
Borgward Isabella
Humber Super Snipe
Austin Mini
Austin 1100 x 2
Austin 1300
Hilman Minx
Vauxhall Cresta PA 1959
Vauxhall Cresta PA 1962
Ford Escort Mk1
Ford Escort Mk2
Ford Escort M2 Ghia
Ford Consul Mk2
Ford Zepher Mk2
Ford Zodiac Mk2
Ford Cortina Mk2
Ford CortinaMk3
Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra Estate x 2
Morris Marina x 2
Austin Allegro
Nissan Bluebird
Rover 620 ti
Rover 75

Not necessarily in that order

27th January 2010, 13:29
Ford Capri 2.0GL Auto
Ford Capri 1.6GL (with previous 2.0 engine installed!;))
Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia Auto
Ford Escort XR3i
Ford Capri 2.0S
Mazda 626 2.0
Ford Capri 1.6 Laser
Vauxhall Astra 1.2L (Doh!)
Rover 216 Vitesse
MG Maestro 1.6 (2nd car)
Peugeot 205XS
Rover 216GTi
Rover 420 GSi Executive
Peugeot 306 1.4 Vivant (another Doh!)
Rover 200Vi
Rover 220SDi
BMW 525i (2nd car)
MG ZT+ 131

:D :D :D :D

27th January 2010, 13:53
1982 Triumph 2000TC (L reg 73) First car at time of passing test April 82. Love the smoothness of 6 Cyls, only 84 BHP ahhhh bless!!!:drool4: crshed in 1983.

1984 Austin Maxi 1750 HL (K reg 72) A hand-me-down after I got married :confused::o dumped soon after.

1985 BMW 528 TC (P reg 76) Purchase of the hart!! Love the 6 cyls you see!!! :shrug: Traded in for a.....

1986 Cavalier SRI 1.8 (A reg 84) releif after the dodgy Beemer :lol: traded in for a........

1987 Vauxhall Seanator 2.5i (C reg 86) I miss my 6 Cyls so here we are again for the next 13 years!!:lol: Sold for 100!!

2000 Ford Mondeo TD 1.8 Ghia Estate (P reg 97) :p: The most reliable car ever, covered 100,000 miles in 9 years, trouble free!!! soon to be outed on fleabay to be replaced with a much loved late British car!!!

Also since 2008.........

2008 Honda CG125 (R reg 98) My first foray into bikes, yessssss!!!:D
2008 Honda CB500S (T reg 99) My current ride and much loved and cared for!!!! :D

Thats it in 27 years!!! Sorry its not more!

Number 6
27th January 2010, 14:29
Started in 1963 with :-

1934 Morris Minor 2 seat rag top first car
1957 Austin A 35
1960 MK 1 AH Sprite
1965 MK2 Cortina
1963 Morris Minor Traveller
1965 mk 2 AH Sprite
1969 MK1 Capri GT
and Not in chronical order

Austin Maxi
Austin Allegro
Marina Estate
Vauxhall Cavalier
Nissan Bluebird Estate
Nissan Bluebird Hatchback
Triump Vitesse
Renault 4/5/6
Bond Bug
1934 Wolsely 9
Another MK 1 Sprite
MK4 MG MIdget
Commer Camper Van
1954 Vauxhall Wyvern
Wolsely Hornet
MK1 Escort GT
suzuku swift
seat ibeza
citroen zx
citreon ax
Lomax 3 wheeler
Rover 25-----------current wifes car sorry wifes current car
Rover 75-----------my current car + refurbed Honda 250 super Dream

The list goes on and on:shrug: Thiis is as well as several Motor Bikes

27th January 2010, 18:49
ah well here goes lol reliant regal 21e 1500 cortina 64 zephr4 triumph spitfire 2000e corsair mg miget 1600gt capri mk1 austin princess1800 2.8 jag xj6 ford anglia 1200 1500gt cortina mk1 2.0lt granada reliant scimitar se5a reliant scimitar se6a auto mini metro mk2granada 1300 maestro reliant scimitar se6a manual citroen bx estate red skoda estelle citroen bx estate white rover825 diesel range rover classic(mazda3.5td) rover 800vitesse sport 1.7diesel astra estate range rover 3.5 manual range rover 3.5 auto daewoo musso auto tdi citroen xm 2.5 estate and finaly rover 75 cdt tourer yours alan ps dont ask about the bikes lol

27th January 2010, 18:50
Fiat Panda 45S
Peugeot 309 Style
Peugeot 205 XS :)
Peugeot 405 GL :shrug:
Vauxhall Nova SRi :)
Honda Civic Coupe :)
Seat Cordoba SX :drool4:
Mazda 626 GXi :shrug:
Seat Toledo SE TDi
Ford Escort Si :o
MG ZT 190 SE :drool4: :D
SAAB 93 150 TDi Vector Sport Anniversary :confused:

I am now glad nobody wanted to buy my ZT when I tried to sell it a couple of years ago - it is by far the BEST car I have ever owned. It never fails to excite and put a smile on my face - how many cars can manage that? :D

27th January 2010, 18:54
Morris Minor splitscreen
VW Scirocco
Audi A3
Rover 75 Saloon
Rover 75 Tourer
Skoda Fabia
Seat Leon.

Oh, sorry, it's supposed to be what cars I've had, not what I've still got. Must get rid of one.....

27th January 2010, 19:32
Starting in 1982.......
Escort Popular Plus
Fiesta XR2.
Honda CRX 1.6i-16
Honda CRX 1.6i-16 facelift.
TVR Griffith 4.0 + Honda Accord Aerodeck
TVR Griffith 500 + Ford Mondeo Estate Lx MK1
TVR Cerbera 4.2 + " " " "
TVR Tuscan 4.0 + " " " "
HSV GTS-R 410 5.7 + Ford Mondeo Estate Ghia X
Noble M12 GTO-3R + " " " "
Noble M400 + Rover 75 2.5 Connie se

27th January 2010, 19:44
1980 Renault 12 (knackered engine and peeling remoulds...)
1977 VW Polo (nice full length sunroof dodgy carb and mismatched front struts...)
1978 Datsun 140J Violet (a gift, but rotten in doorposts, got nicked, probably to be sent to Africa as parts...)
1980 Vanden Plas 1500 (bit of a shed, ended up with an Equipe 1750TC engine before shuffling off to the car park in the sky...)
1986 Saab 900 (2 door single carb saloon..)
1989 Austin Montego Estate (great workhorse...)
1976 Vanden Plas 1500 (Reynard metallic, much better than the other one!)
1993 Saab 900i Convertible (still got it, showing its age now)
1983 Austin Maestro HLE (uber-rare HLE efficient model, with even more rare non-creaking dash and relatively trouble-free automatioc choke)
1980 Austin Allegro 1.3L (now a Gambian taxi...)
1980 Austin Allegro 1.3HL (last seen in Tashkent...)
1968 Rover 2000TC (gorgeous 1960s Zircon Blue, wish I hadn't sold it...)
1990 Rover 827Si (amazing sound, didn't like the rain though, wish I still had this one to..)
1988 Volvo 240Gl (great going sideways in sand, last seen in Timbuktu...)

27th January 2010, 19:56
Starting in 1982.......
Escort Popular Plus
Fiesta XR2.
Honda CRX 1.6i-16
Honda CRX 1.6i-16 facelift.
TVR Griffith 4.0 + Honda Accord Aerodeck
TVR Griffith 500 + Ford Mondeo Estate Lx MK1
TVR Cerbera 4.2 + " " " "
TVR Tuscan 4.0 + " " " "
HSV GTS-R 410 5.7 + Ford Mondeo Estate Ghia X
Noble M12 GTO-3R + " " " "
Noble M400 + Rover 75 2.5 Connie se

Wow ,some nice cars there ! Are you going to get the latetest Noble ?:bowdown:

27th January 2010, 20:08
Wow ,some nice cars there ! Are you going to get the latetest Noble ?:bowdown:

Thanks,I've had some fun! I was on the list for the latest Noble when it was the M14/M15 and then M600, right up to 2 days before the official launch when they informed the deposit holders that it was over twice the cost of what we were led to believe originally ! At that point many choked and withdrew, myself included. However Lee Noble who left a couple of years ago has a new venture ( Fenix Automotive) coming next year which will be " interesting"!!

27th January 2010, 20:17
Passed my test in 1987

A reg Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta
D reg Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta
D reg Rover 216 Vitesse
E reg Volvo 480ES (WORST CAR EVER)
G reg Fiesta XR2i
F reg Suzuki Swift GTi
H reg Suzuki Swift GTi
H reg Rover 216 GTi
J reg Rover 216 gtI
L reg Rover 214 cabriolet
L reg Rover 216 coupe (in polynesian.... lovely)
R reg Rover 216 coupe
51 reg Vauxhall Astra coupe... in metallic orange with black leather and white alcantara interior
53 reg MG TF 135
54 reg Valuxhall Vectra SRi + N reg MG F
03 reg Rover 45 Spirit + 04 reg MG TF Sunstorm
Y reg Rover 75 CDT Connoisseur + 04 MGTF Sunstorm
Y Reg Rover 75 CDT Connoisseur + 04 MG ZT 190+

Currently debating what the two will be consolidated into one for.


27th January 2010, 20:24
Thanks,I've had some fun! I was on the list for the latest Noble when it was the M14/M15 and then M600, right up to 2 days before the official launch when they informed the deposit holders that it was over twice the cost of what we were led to believe originally ! At that point many choked and withdrew, myself included. However Lee Noble who left a couple of years ago has a new venture ( Fenix Automotive) coming next year which will be " interesting"!!

Sound interesting,way out of my league:mad: The new looks nice,but it is expensive.

28th January 2010, 02:38
Passed my test in 1981:

1972 Austin Maxi 1750
1974 Austin Alegro 1500
1974 Rover P6 2200 TC
1981 Vauxhall Cavalier
1973 MGB GT
1988 Rover 820
1992 Vauxhall Astra
1979 Datsun Bluebird
1986 Saab 900 Turbo
1992 Rover Sterling (827 - wonderful car)
1990 Jaguar XJ40
1998 Rover 620
1999 Nissan 200SX (written off by a French lorry)
1997 Ford Scorpio 2.9
1999 Nissan 200SX (missed the first one too much)
2001 Rover 25 (a dog, only kept it for a few months)
2002 Rover 75

I missed the Sterling so much and the Jaguar was a huge disappointment - I'd have loved an 827 coupe!

28th January 2010, 07:29
Vauxhall Astra 1300s
Renault 5 :confused:
Ford Fiesta 1100 Quartz
Ford Orion 1300 LX
Ford Escort 1300 Osprey (my only brand new car ever - written off :mad:)
Rover 400 LXI (1600)
And my current 75

28th January 2010, 09:22
right here goes lol

1986) mini city e
1986) escort 1.3l
1984) fiesta 950 pop
1981) escort xr3
1985) escort xr3i
1988) mg metro
1991) Renault 21
1990) fiat uno 60s
1993) escort 1.8 d
1990) escort xr31
1995) rover 214 sei
1994) Renault 19 16v
1995) rover 620i
1995) rover 216 coupe
1998) rover 600ti
2001) mg zr +
2001) mg zt 160 +

28th January 2010, 09:23
50 plus do I have to list them??:getmecoat:

phil & helen
28th January 2010, 09:35
It'll find you somat to do for 10 minutes:lol:

Just thought at the end be interesting to take a cross section look at what folks have driven , loved driving or not , etc .

29th July 2011, 16:28
passed my test june 2005

1. 1986 nissan micra 1.0L
2. 1996 ford fiesta zetec s 1.4
3. 1998 hyundai coupe F2 2.0
4. 1994 honda accord 2.0
5. 1998 pug 306 meridian 1.4
6. 1996 suzuki vitari 1.6
7. 1996 nissan 200sx S14a 2.0
8. 2001 renault laguna dci 1.9
9. 1994 lexus ls400 4.0 v8
10. 1998 honda accord vtec 2.0
11. 2001 rover 75 cdt club 2.0

nicest to drive was the lexus ls400, auto fully loaded, but 14 to the gallon!

fastest was the 200sx, was running 290-300 bhp with 2 seats and a fire extinguisher in it. (fully stripped at the end).

hoping the rover will be reliable for a year, if it proves its self then ill treat her to some goodies !!


29th July 2011, 17:09
Mini 850
Humber Super Snipe
VW Karmann Ghia
Yamaha 180 Twin
Isuzu Bellett
Honda 750FB
Audi 100
BMW 520
Ford XR3
Fiat 600
Peugeot 404 Diesel bakkie
Daihatsu Compagne
Datsun Pulsar 1.4
Nissan Sunny x 3
Mini 1275 GTS
VW Camper Split Windscreen
Kawasaki z650
Ford Granada (like in Sweeney)
Ford Anglia Deluxe
Peugeot 504 Diesel bakkie
Ford Cortina MkIII 2.0lt
Ford Laser 1.3
Peugeot 504 Estate x 2
Peugeot 504 Sedan Automatique
BMW 2000
Mazda 323 x 2
Mercedes w123 200
Kawasaki 750 H2 2 stroke triple
Mercedes w116 350se
Ford Bantam bakkie
Toyota Avensis 1.8 GLS
Mercedes w124 300te
Mercedes w126 560sel
Mercedes w124 300ce
Mercedes w124 300e/24valve
Toyota MR2 Auto x 2
Toyota Celica Gen 6 Auto
Jeep Cherokee 4.0lt
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0lt
Rover 75 2.0lt Club se
Nissan Micra 1.0lt Auto
Mecedes w202 c200
BMW 316i Coupe E30

About 45....

That's about it, might have missed one or two.....


29th July 2011, 18:09
Shamefully low compared to some:getmecoat:

98 Fiesta 1.25
00 Fiesta 1.6
03 ZT 190

29th July 2011, 18:16
Passed my test October 1984.

1985 Triumph 2000 TC auto x 2 (one used for spares)
1989 Morris Marina 1.7 HL
1993 Toyota Carina 1.6 GL
2004 Rover 600 Si
2001 Rover 75 Club SE CDT.

29th July 2011, 19:58
Austi A40
Austin Cambridge
Ford Anglia
Ford cortina
Ford Granada
Ford capri 2.8 Special
Lada Estate
Rover SDi 2.600 Auto
Rover 200
Rover 214
Rover 216
Talbot Avenger
Talbot Horizon
Tansit van
Transit Minibus
Vauxhall Cav
Vauxhall Belmont SRi
Rover tourer 2.0 Diesel
Generally not in this order

29th July 2011, 20:12
Passed my test in 1982 (got a UK licence but did not take my test in the UK, any know how?)

Mazda 323
Marina 1.8 (God what a heap)
Talbot Horizon 1.5
Cavalier 1600
Orion 1.8D
Peugot 205 Deisel
Fiesta 1.8D
Rover 218D (engine siezed!)
Fiat Brava (meant to be a temporary car lasted 7 years!)
Ford Mondeo 2l
Fiat Brava (same one, gave it to the wife who gave it back three years later!)
Rover 620GSi
Rover 75 (current and best)

mark d3
29th July 2011, 20:12
maestro 1.3L(first car)
MG maestro 1.6
maestro van
montego gsi
montego 1.6
escort (poo)
montego 2.0
ROVER 200 sdi bubble shape
4 x sherpas
1 transit
bmw 2.0
bmw e34 2.5
mondeo (also poo)
astra van (worst than ford)
current vehicles

R75 owned 3.5 years longest car i have owned(will be replaced in 2 years for a mg ztt)
pug expert 03 van hdi(its a van so treated differently to my R75) 3 years maybe?

29th July 2011, 21:40
Hmmm.....somewhat pedestrian compared to others, and I am now at least twice the man I was when the first pic was taken, but it all started with my first Car - Aged 17, the Year of Our Lord 1993.



Nearly missed this one - a VW Polo 1.3 GL (?)


Then, no image for a car I had very briefly....but I miss SO much, an N Reg Rover 420 Sli, only had it for a few weeks and wrote it off during a pretty down period of my life. One of my greatest regrets....but...moving on...





29th July 2011, 21:49
NO idea I bought my first car in 1967 (1964 Ford 105e) and changed cars often until a few years ago & according to my wife I had 15 different cars in a year once.

29th July 2011, 21:55
Lets see...

1st car was a Mark V Triumph Spitfire
Lotus Sunbeam
Rover 216s
Rover 216 VDP
Montego Countryman
VW 1.9 Caravelle
Porsche 924
VW 2.5TDI Caravelle
Porsche 924 Turbo
Porsche 944 Turbo
Porsche 928
Porsche 911 Turbo
Ssangyong Musso
Lotus Exige S1 (his and hers)
Nissan Micra
Lotus Exige S2
Ssangyong Musso (another one)
Ssangyong Rexton
Rover 45
Rover 75 Tourer
Rover 75 Tourer (#2)

29th July 2011, 22:14
Starting in 1989,

Ford Cortina MKIII 1.6GXL
Opel Manta B1 Coupe 1.6L
Ford Capri MKIII 2.0GL
Ford Capri MKII 2.0L
Ford Capri MKIII 1.6LS - All body panels treated with Ziebart.
Ford Orion 1.6GLX
Peugeot 405 1.6GL
Isuzu Trooper 2.5 Petrol 4x4
Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X Ltd 2.4 Petrol (Rare 3door) 4x4 Import
Renault 19 1.4 ?
Mitsubishi Delica 2.5TD Auto - 4x4 Import
Ford Orion 1.4LS
Toyota Emina 2.4GL Petrol - Auto - Import
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5TD Auto - 4x4 Import
Ford Maverick 2.4LX Petrol 4x4
Fiat Punto 1.1 ?
Honda Accord 2.0Si
Hyundai Lantra 1.6 ?
Land Rover Discovery 2.5 Petrol
Mitsubishi Delica 2.5TD Exceed - Auto - Import
Ford Galaxy 2.0 Aspen
Ford Galaxy 2.3 Ghia X
Renault Scenic 1.6 Expression+
Ford Galaxy 2.3 MKII Ghia X
Rover 75 2.0 V6 Club
Rover 75 2.0 V6 Club

I'm sure theres some I forgot......

29th July 2011, 23:27
Gawd knows, fawsends of em innit.. lol.. :D :D

Big Fra
30th July 2011, 00:43
1986 Ford Capri 1.6 Laser (what a first car:bowdown:)
1991 Peugeot 205 1.4 XS (mental)
1985 VW Golf 1.3 C (better that the 1.6)
1987 VW Polo 1.3 Coupe S (fun)
1992 Ford Sierra 1.6 Azura (great car)
1993 Fiat Tempra 1.6 S (*****, *****, *****........)
1989 Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 GLSi (cost 12)
1988 VW Golf 1.6 Driver (worse than the 1.3)
1981 Audi 80 1.9 CD Auto(5cyl roar:drool4:)
1988 Ford Sierra 2.8 XR4x4 TT230(turbo technics converted:D)
1994 Citroen ZX 1.9td Volcane (boy racer'd):cool:
1987 Volvo 240 2.3 GLT Auto (loved the seats)
1989 Ford Fiesta 1.8d LX (it was cheap)
1990 Ford Fiesta 1.1 L (er, it was cheap)
1992 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L (bought below 2 days l8r, sold cavvy 4 days l8r)
1993 Ford Mondeo 2.0Si (all the toys, rare car)
1994 Ford Escort 1.3L (dangerous)
1989 Renault 25 2.0 GTS (massive)
1992 Ford Escort 1.4 LX (blew engine up 2nd day)
1995 Rover 100 1.1 Kensington (loved this wee car)
1994 VW Golf 1.4 Ryder (noisy 4 speed)
1999 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec (good car, got a bargain)
1997 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 LS (it was a price I couldn't refuse, great earner)
1998 Ford Mondeo 2.0 LX (dog)
2002 Seat Ibiza 1.2S (gutless 3cyl engine, cool noise though)
1998 Renault Clio 1.9d RT (rusty, slow, noisy, and smelly, so I crashed it twice)
1998 Rover 200 1.1i (1 mnths tax and 8 mnths mot, for 100)
1997 Vauxhall Omega 2.5 Reflection (one of the best cars I have owned)
2002 Mazda 6 2.0 TS Auto (to date, the best car I've owned)
2000 Ford Mondeo 1.8 Verona (still got)
1998 Peugeot 106 1.5d Zest2 (rusty, but great fun and ran on fresh air)
2002 Rover 75 2.0 cdt auto blah blah, you all know what it is. (so far, so good)

31 Cars and counting, one for every year I've been alive and all bought since i turned 17.

I may have missed 2 or 3, but they couldnt've been worth remembering.

30th July 2011, 06:56
1957 Chevrolet Bel Aire ( Only 16 but bought it with my Brothers Help)
195? MG TD ( Seized engine and cost 30. Got it going and sold it for 200)
1960 Vauxhall Wyvern. (Scrapped)
1955 Morris Minor Split Screen. Failed MOT as it had no floor.
1962 Ford Classic Capri on Triumph Spitfire wire wheels. Fitted with TC 2.2ltr Lotus engine. (Sold to a friend. It then became a donor car)*
1962 Ford Zeprhy MK11 with Overdrive. (Sold it)
1972 FIAT 5ooL. 700 brand new. Now working in Kent and wanted something cheap to run. 75 mph 64 mpg. (Sold)
1962 Ford Classic Capri. Using bits from donor car above*. Written off in accident with a police car.
1965 MK111 Zodiac Farham Estate. (Sold on quickly as it was losing oil)
1966 Ford Thames 307e. 7cwt van. (Written off in a collision with a 5 series beemer. He was drunk)
1965 Rover 2000. (Burnt out No.3 piston. Scrapped.)
19?? Vauxhall Viva 1600. Rust bucket. (Stolen)
1969 Ford Cortina 1600e. (hated it. Traded in for my next car)
1975 FIAT 126. Great motor. (Traded it in for my next car)
1986 Renault 5. (Sold it)
1989 Ford Transit. Needed something large so that we could take mum out in her wheelchair without the need for to get out and sit in a seat. (Mum hated it)
1991 Ford Orion. This was the car they built on a Friday afternoon, as the joke goes. (Traded it in on our next car).
1992 Ford Escort MK111. (Traded it in on our next car)
1993 Ford Sierra Azure. Not a bad car but I had now driven a Rover 200 diesel. (So it was traded in for one of the best cars we ever had).
1998 Rover 220sd in King Fisher Blue. Done an amazing 119,000 trouble free miles. But the rust got hold and it had to go. (Traded in)
2003 Ford Fiesta. Written off when the wife rolled it down a long grass embankment. She walked away with a broken wrist.

We then bought two more Ford Fiesta's as I needed one for work and the wife wanted her own wheels.
2004 Ford Fiesta. I retired early to look after the wife whose health was not so good. (Sold it to my neice and the car survives)
2005 Ford Fiesta. My wife's car. Was stolen from outside home whilst my wife was in hospital. Told the wife what had happened and she said "Buy a Rover".

2004 MG ZT in Solar Red. Basic 1800 model. Suffered HGF and never was the same. I was so desperate to get rid I traded it in for a................ 2009 KIA C'eed diesel. Kept it 6 months and sold it to a friend as I had fallen in love with a certain MG ZT on Ebay.
2004 MG ZT 1800t+ in Sunspot Yellow. "The Flying Banana"

That's the lot. 26 in total over 43 years.

30th July 2011, 08:57
Cortina 1.6L estate
Mazda 929
Rover SDI 2600 Vanden Plas
Ford Granada mk2 2.8GL
Vauxhall Chevette (saw me coming)
Talbot Alpine
Huyundai Pony
11 year gap
Rover 75

30th July 2011, 09:42
Including company cars, since I passed my test in 1980:

1976 Vauxhall Chevette Hatch
1978 Marina 1.3 Coupe
1982 Ford Fiesta Popular
1984 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus
1984 Ford Escort 1.3 3 Door
1986 Ford Escort 1.6L 5 Door
1971 Vauxhall Firenza SL 1159
1972 Vauxhall Firenza 1159 "90"
1976 Vauxhall Magnum 1800 Coupe
1988 Ford Escort 1.6L 5 Door
1989 Ford Sierra Sapphire
1990 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8L 5 Door
1990 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0i Saloon
1991 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8L Saloon
1991 Rover 416 GSi
1992 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0GLi 5 Door
1981 VW Golf Driver 3 Door
1992 Montego 2.0 Estate
1993 Seat Toledo GTi
1994 Rover 820Si Fastback
1996 Ford Ka2 1.3
1997 Rover 400 Tourer
1999 Rover Sterling Coupe KV6
2000 Rover 75 Club CDT (upgraded to CDTi)
1992 Toyota Celica 2.0 GT Convertible
1990 Eunos Cosmo Type S Twin Turbo
1997 Rover 216 Coupe
2001 Honda Accord Vtec Coupe
2001 Rover 75 Club SE 1.8
2005 Proton Impian GSX
2008 Proton Gen-2 GSX Ecologic

I make that 31 cars in 31 years. Hmm.

Yella Fella
30th July 2011, 10:20
Some really nice motors there Tim :)

I really like the 820. Always wanted one when i had company cars but it was it never on my list of cars to choose from.

In order of ownership. . .

Nissan Cherry
Nissan Micra :p:
Nissan Cherry
Nissan Cherry
Ford Fiesta

Vauxhall Chevette

Austin Montego
Vauxhall Carlton
Ford Granada
Vauxhall Cavalier (Company Car)
Vauxhall Astra (Company Car)
Citroen Xantia
Vauxhall Vectra (Company Car)
Vauxhall Vectra (Company Car)
Peugeot 406 (Company Car)
Citroen C5
MGTF (Current)
Peugeot 407
MGZT (Current)

and always looking for another . . .

30th July 2011, 10:41

1982 Cortina 2.0GL-Horrible-written off by a reversing van
1981 Granada 2.8Ghia-brother blew up the engine.
1986 Granada 2.8iGhia - kept for over 10 years.
1970 Daimler Sovereign 2.8 manual-not very fast-saw it on the bay last year looking mint. Replaced with
1973 Rover 3500S-wheelspin in 2nd-wished I'd kept it.
1983 Capri 2.8i-not as quick as the 3500S
1984 Capri 2.0S-Ok
1972 Jensen Interceptor 6.3-Full of filler! 8mpg also!
1986 Renault 9 1.4- Unbelievably a great car!
1977 Rover 3500SD1 manual-not a patch on the 3500S
1999 Peugeot 406 1.8 superb car!
1998 Omega 2.5 estate-kept for 10 years
1999 Range Rover 4.6HSE-still got it
1999 Omega 3.0 estate- thirsty but fast-replaced with
1999 1.3 Fiesta!!!! Good fun though

Still looking for a nice Conny CDTi estate auto!!!(pre facelift)


30th July 2011, 11:17
ariel arrow 250
matchless 250
norton es2 500 single. paid 15 for the first one and kept swapping till i got this one.:D:D
bsa c12 unroadworthy but still used it for work for about 2 months:(
austin a35:D
mk2 zephyr 6:D:drool4:
austin a35:)
mk1 cortina 1200:}
austin somerset:o
3x ford corsair's 1500's;)
royal enfield 750 bored out to 800 and sidecar geared:D
mk1 ford escort 1300:o
2ltr ford capri:}
triumph toledo 1300:)
mk1 vauxhall cavalier
ford anglia 1200:)
vauxhall viva 1300 hc:}
ford anglia; ex army with gun racks in and engine out of first one:)
250 honda dream:}
austin maxi:)
del boy plastic pig; brilliant van, only motor iv'e made money on.:getmecoat::D
skoda 1200:o
subaru 1600 estate:)
kawasaki gpz 750:D
peugeot 309:}
peugeot 405 1.9 sri thrived on neglect.:D:bowdown:
kawasaki zzr 600:D
kawasaki zzr 1100:D:D:bowdown::bowdown:
proton 1500 aeroback:shrug::mad:
sierra saphire 1800:)
peugeot 405 x2:shrug:
rover 600 1.8:D:D
mg zt 131+ 2.0 diesel:bowdown::bowdown::D:D

30th July 2011, 16:40
1960 Ford Prefect 107e,nevr been run for 10 years at time of purchase,got it running,but never on the road
1964 morris minor traveller converted to pick up
1974 Ford Escort 1300
!976 vauxhall Cavalier1600GL
1977 Ford Capri 1600 mk2
1978 Renault 14TL (bought as temp transport yeuch!!)
1978 Opel Manta 1900 SR Berlinetta coupe
1978 Morris Marina 1.3
1981 Bedford HA van
1984 opel Manta 2.0i GTE coupe
1985 VW Sciricco 1.8GT
1984 Fiat uno1.3(wife's car)
1986 Vauxhall Cavalier 1600 Antibes Hatch
1981 ford Fiesta 1.1L
1989 Ford Escort 1.8d van
1991 Nissan Micra 1.3(wife's car)
1992 Citroen BX 1.6 TXS
1985 Fiat Uno 1.3 (wife's car)
1992 Ford Sierra 1.8lx(brill car never let me down)
1993 Rover214 si
1996 Ford Fiesta 1.3lx(wife's car)
1999 Ford Mondeo 1.8lx hatch
2002 Renault Kangoo van 1.2 petrol/lpg
2002 ROVER75 2.0CDT:bowdown::bowdown:{currently own}
2002 Citroen Berlingo 1.9d van{currently own }

30th July 2011, 16:54
Well here goes...

1999 Rover 75 2.5 Connoisseur (still own)
1998 Rover 75 2.0 Connoisseur SE (sold to a club member)
2005 MG ZS 110+ (currently trying to sell)
2001 MG ZT 190+ (completely wrecked so broke for spares)
1996 Volvo 850R Estate (sold to a club member)
2003 Rover 75 2.0 Connoisseur SE (still own)
1999 Rover 75 2.5 Connoisseur (sold on)
2001 Rover 75 2.0 CDT Connoisseur SE Tourer (just bought)

Didn't realise I was up to that many already:eek:

30th July 2011, 17:03
OK ones I remember
1973 VW Beetle
1972 Vauxhall Viva De-Luxe Estate
1975 Vauxhall Viva SL 4Dr Saloon
1977 Vauxhall Viva E 4Dr Saloon
1977 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0GL 4Dr Saloon
1973 Vauxhall Firenza 2300 Sport SL
1979 Vauxhal Chevette 4Dr
1988 Volvo 360 GLE 5Dr
1985 Volvo 360 GLS 5Dr
1989 Volvo 360 GLE 4Dr
1990 Toyota Carina II 5Dr
1977 Vauxhall Royale 4Dr
1975 Vauxhall Viva S 2Dr
1977 Vauxhall Viva E Coupe
1977 Vauxhall Viva GLS 4Dr
1974 Vauxhall Magnum 2300 Coupe
1995 Volvo 850 2.5 SE Estate
1989 Volvo 240 GL Saloon
1993 Volvo 940 GL Estate
1997 Volvo 940 Turbo Estate
1996 Volvo 850R Estate
1980 Ford Cortina Crusader
1980 Ford Cortina L
1977 Bedford HA Van
1986 Bedford CF Van
1977 Rover 2200TC (Turmeric)
1975 Rover 2200TC (Mexico brown)
1975 Rover 2200TC (Almond)
1967 Rover 2000 (Factory Black)
1967 Rover 2000 (ringer was really a 72) (Arctic White)
1972 Rover 3500S (Mexico Brown)
1972 Rover 3500S (suspected Rover press car) (Scarab Blue)
19-- Rover 3500S (Paprika)
1972 Rover 3500S (Black & Green)
1973 Rover 3500S (Monza Red)
1976 Rover 2200TC (Lunar Grey originally Turmeric)
1972 Austin 1800
1967 Austin 1800
1972 Wolseley Six Hearse
1970 Wolseley 1885 MkII
1994 Vauxhall Astra Estate
1992 Peugeot 106 D
2003 MG ZT-T
& many more that have been through my hands but I cant pinpoint in my mind:getmecoat:

30th July 2011, 17:05
Well here goes...

1999 Rover 75 2.5 Connoisseur (still own)
1998 Rover 75 2.0 Connoisseur SE (sold to a club member)
2005 MG ZS 110+ (currently trying to sell)
2001 MG ZT 190+ (completely wrecked so broke for spares)
1996 Volvo 850R Estate (sold to a club member)
2003 Rover 75 2.0 Connoisseur SE (still own)
1999 Rover 75 2.5 Connoisseur (sold on)
2001 Rover 75 2.0 CDT Connoisseur SE Tourer (just bought)

Didn't realise I was up to that many already:eek:
Aye the illness has got you at an early age:D

30th July 2011, 17:08
im probs one of the younger members on here so my car history is sparse.
1991 Ford Fiesta 1.4i LX owned from march 03-aug03
1998 Ford Mondeo 2.0 Si owned from Aug03-oct07
2007 Vauxhall Corsa 1.7 Design owned from sept 2007- present
2001 Mercedes S500 Owned from Feb 2011- Present

30th July 2011, 17:10
Oh aye
1973 ERF A-Series Tractor Unit
1969 BMC 900FG
1969 Ford Cortina 1600E (with 1300 engine)
1977 Vauxhall Sportshatch Droop Snoot (part owned)

Lost Soul
30th July 2011, 17:24
1969 Morris minor
1971 Morris minor
1982 mk1 ford fiesta 1.3 ghia
1983 mk1 vauxhall astra 1.6 EXP
Mk1 cavalier sports hatch 2ltr
Mk1 cavalier saloon 1.6
Opel manta Berlinetta
1986 Mk2 cavalier 1.8 Sri hatch
1976 mk1 ford Granada 3ltr ghia saloon
1972 lwb land rover safari
1983 Volvo 360 GLT 3 door hatch
1982 Volvo 244GLT saloon
1970 reliant scimitar se5
1982 cavalier mk2 1.6l saloon
1983 Saab 900 turbo 2 door hatch
1983 Saab 900 turbo 4 door hatch
1984 Nissan stanza
1987 vauxhall Carlton 12v manual (had 3 of them)
1989 ford escort eclipse mk4
1990 citreon BX TZD
1990 reanault 9 diesel
1987 mk2 cavalier 1.6l saloon
1994 Hyundai sonata CD
1983 fiat X19
1992 vauxhall Carlton CD Auto
1993 vauxhall calibra SE
1990 mk2 vauxhall Astra
1999 ford Escort 55 diesel van
2000 Alfa Romeo 156 Selespeed (still have)
2002 MG ZT (current driver)

Might of missed some but these are the main ones. All from getting interested in cars in 1989.

30th July 2011, 18:04
Mini Clubman 1000cc
Mini Clubman 1300cc Race Engined
Mk2 Ford Escort 1600cc
Mk5 Ford Cortina 2.0 Ltr
Suzuki SJ410 1000cc
Metro Turbo 1300cc
Rover 216 Vitesse 1600cc
Vauxhall Cavalier 1800 GLi
Peugeot 309GL 1100cc
Peugeot 309 Goodwood 1.9 GTi
Vauxhall Vectra B 2.0 SRi
Vauxhall Signum 2.0 Turbo
and the current: Rover 75

Also had various other cars that we not on the road for various reasons:

Suzuki LJ80 - Off Road Trialler
Ford Sierra - Used as a basis for a kit car
Robin Hood 2b - Kit Car (Seven style)
Locost Kit Car.

I think the order is correct too :D

30th July 2011, 19:57
Too many to remember, heres what I have not forgot!

Austin Maxi 1750 HL
Triumph Dolomite 1850 HL
VW Camper 1972
Rover P6 3.5s
Lada 1.3
Rover P6 2200
Lada 1.6
Talbot Alpine
Renault Fuego 2.0
Vauxhall Victor 2300
Vauxhall Magnum 2.3
Vauxhall Victor 1800
Vauxhall Viva 1256
Vauxhall Magnum 1.8
Austin Mini
Escort Mk3 Est 1.6 (x2)
Chrysler Avenger Est (Ex Chrysler factory ambulance)
Escort MK1 (2.0 Twin Cam fitted)
Escort MK3 Est 1.3
VW Camper 1972
Nissan Prarie
Fiat Uno
Nissan Sunny 1.6
Nissan Bluebird 1.6
Fiat Panda
Nissan Primera 1.6
Citroen Xantia
Rover 216 GTi
Escort MK5 1.6
Vauxhall Chevette HSR (with V8 Rover fitted)
Metro GTi
Ford Popular (with V6 fitted)
Rover 75 2.0 Conn SE

And at the moment..
Rover 75 2.5 Conn
Trike (3.1 V6)
GSXR 1127

Falcon Flyer
31st July 2011, 09:00
Mini 1000
Triumph 1300 FWD Saloon
Ford Cortina Mk III 2000 GXL
Ford Capri Mk III 3.0 Ghia (stolen)
Ford Capri Mk III 3.0 Ghia (replacement!)
Ford Orion 1.6 GLD (my first diesel, and 60mpg from 20mpg on the Capri!)
Citroen BX 1.9 TXD
Rover 418 SLDT
Rover 418 GLDT

and current fleet:

Rover 75 Conn SE CDTi (with recently fitted sunroof!! Thanks Corin!! :bowdown: )
Jaguar 4.2 XKR (gone back to 20 mpg!)
BMW 120d SE

Not many cars at all for (gulp) almost 27 years driving!

31st July 2011, 10:47
I think I've had:
1966 Vauxhall Viva HA
1973 Morris Marina SDL
1977 Morris Marina Special
1984 Vauxhall Cavalier (c)
1989 Dutton Phaeton (I built)
1988 Austin Montego (c)
1989 Vauxhall Cavalier (c)
1972 Morris Marina 1.5 Diesel
1987 Ford Orion diesel heap (c)
1980 Morris Ital estate HL
1984 Mini
1985 Metro
1988 Rover Montego 1.6
1989 Rover Montego diesel
1976 Morris Marina 1.8GT (only just sold that...:()
1976 Morris Marina 1.3 SDL
1989 MG Metro
1995 Rover 620
1999 Rover 420D
1981 Morris Ital estate (still got)
1996 Rover 216si (for sale)
1995 Rover 100 Kensington (still got)
1988 Austin Metro Gta (needs finishing)
2005 Rover 1.8 Conn SE

And a few other items that drifted my way over the years......:confused:
(Oh yes, the (c) are company inflicted cars.....)

John Pimlott
31st July 2011, 11:02
Not too many here:
1972 Mk1 Escort Estate
1978 Renault 18 Auto Ewww!
1981 Datsun Sunny
1984 Nissan Cherry
1985 Nissan Sunny
1979 Datsun Chery
1989 Ford Escort
1992 Ford Escort
1990 Nissan Sunny
1995 Nissan Almera
1660 Morris 1000 Traveller
2000 Nissan Micra
2000 Nissan Almera
2002 Rover 75 SE CDT

Seems I had a penchant for uncool motors... :o

31st July 2011, 11:14
Since passing my test I have had

1996 Mazda MX-6 2.5 V6 (first car affectionately known as the Beast)
2002 Kia Mentor (rust bucket and sucked fun outta driving)
2000 2.5 V6 Rover 75 Conni (Blue Boy)

Ross god knows loads lol

31st July 2011, 17:48
2 more
1972 Vauxhall Victor 1800
1978 Vauxhall VX 2300

31st July 2011, 18:15
1981 Ford Fiesta 1.1L
197? Ford Escort mk2
1982ish Calavlier SRI
1984 Maestro 1.6HLS Auto
1990 Rover 414Si
1984 Ford Escort 1.3L
1987 Sierra 1.8LX
1994 Rover 416SLI
1990 Rover 216GSI
1994 Rover 420SLI
1993 Rover 420GSI Turbo
1993 Rover 420GSI
1994 Rover 420GSI Turbo
1994 Rover 214SI
1994 Rover 420GSI Turbo
2004 MG ZT+ CDTI










31st July 2011, 18:17
I can see a pattern starting to emerge with you:p::D

31st July 2011, 18:20
Indeed. I love the R8 rovers (200/400) especially the 420GSI Turbos. Id love another, but there are less than 20 left running and they tend to get scraped due to a weak gearbox or broken for the engine, which end up in the mk3 200 or ZR.. :mad:

31st July 2011, 18:29
1st....68 imp, shared purchase with 3 others, all 13 years old !
72 mgbgt,
69ish mgbgt
76 sdi 2600
75 mk 2 escort estate (carlos fandangoes !)
75 marina with mgb engine and box (very dodgy g, box mounts n prop shaft )
dolly sprint
74 beetle, which became a 68 beetle !!!!!?
78 mini
MG metro ! 2 off !
p6 2200tc
w reg twin wheel mk 2 transit.......great van huge !
at this point it must be stated that I went stock car racing, so very sorry but !
mk 2 escorts, actually had about 6, toyota starlets,4 main ones and a bout 6 doner cars !cortina mk 4 estates 3,granada estates and saloons, about 6,2 volvo 244( i think !), 3 xj6/12s, but only ever raced them in englandshire ! 2 triumph 2500s, one an estate.oh 2 mk 1 escorts, inc 1 van !1 mk 1 3 litre capri.Also owned but never drove a RS 3100 !W reg RS 2000 custom, 74 mk 1 rs 2000,7?mk 2 mexico.2002 bmw.72 1100 mk 1 escort.
64 ish corsair,73 mk 3 cortina estate, 76 mk 4 cortina, w reg ren Fuego, 2.0 gtx.....superb !
mk 1 fiesta van, sleeper, xr2 underneath.
mk 3 escort. + an xr3 ! and an rs1600i lookalike !
mk 1 fiesta ,vaux nova,sierra, another sierra saphire.
Fiat tempra estate (got married ! )
rover 216, and a non registered rover 400 for spares, pointles as the 216 had the honda motor.citeon ax derv,vaux astra 1.4 club bought for 30 lasted 3 years ! Jag xj40, 4 litre smooth ! Vaux frontera.nissan micra.
mgztt and merc 180 still both present.
suzuki GT 550, i think, maybe 500.
vfr 1000
rd 250.husquivarna 360...2 off ! oh a mini van, a moggy traveller,cavalier derv, type 25 caravelle. Ford D series car transporter. Plus lots of stuff that i was just bying and selling throuigfh the trade ! oh and the zt was the most expensive and that was a bargain !

thomas 75 connie
31st July 2011, 20:19
Im 24 years old and here is my list of cars not in any particular order:-

Mini clubman estate,
Mini 25,
Mini city e,
Nissan sunny,
Rover Metro 1.4 si,
Renault clio 1.2 be bop,
Mg zr 105+,
Mg zr 160,
Skoda fabia sdi,
Mg montego turbo,
Rover 820 si,
Skoda felicia,
Rover 216 cabriolet,
Rover 416 si,
Rover p6 2000 sc,
Rover 620 ti,
Mg montego turbo,
Rover 600 si,
Rover 75 2.0 v6 club,
Rover 75 2.5 connoisseur se,
Rover 75 1.8 connoisseur( pre launch),
Mg zr 105,
Vauxhall astra 1.6 auto,
Volkswagen golf vr6( worst car i have had),
Austin maestro 1.3,
MG Montego efi.

I think thats it for now probably missed something off. As you can see not bad for 7 years is it.:D

17th August 2011, 22:54
suzuki zr50x1
yamaha rd125 dx
yamaha rd350lc
yamaha rd 350ypvs
kawasaki 350 s2
triumph 2000tc (roe247r) my 1st car from me dad
vauxhall royal 2.8 coupe
granada 2.8 scorpio
ford transit minibus ? ideal for the kids and rear seats out for the suzuki rgv 250
rover 820 red fastback
skoda felica my only new car:o
fiat punto
rover 820 white saloon
rover 820 met blue saloon
yamaha xv 700 import (still got her)
toyota supra 3.0i (my baby of 15 years so far)
triumph 2000tc (soy76r)
ford escort estate
ford escort 1.8 van
yamaha v-max 1200 full power which nearly killed me!
jaguar xj40 sovriegn
ford mondeo estate ghia x
rover 75 (roxey) current
volvo c70 convertible
vauxhall zafira current
yamaha rd350ypvs/ rgv conversion current
may have missed a few ! all since 1980:D

17th August 2011, 23:27
Had many, some of which lots of people won't recognise perhaps:

1934 Morris 8 2 door
1936 Morris 8 4 door
1951 Lea Francis 14 (Coach built, aluminium body, Riley 1.5 Engine)
1952 Citroen Traction Avant Lt 15
1938 Citroen Traction Avant Lt 15 (running, bought as spares for 5p and drove back from London to Southampton)
1961 Ford Anglia 105E (sold after being rear ended by 8.5 ton double deck bus)
1963 Austin A40 Countryman (P/X'd A40 for this)
1961 Vauxhall Victor FC
1966 Vauxhall Victor 101
1965 MG Magnette
1969 Ford Capri 1600 GTXLR
1972 Ford Carpri 2000 GTXLR
1971 Triumph 2000 Auto
1972 Rover 3500 Auto
1989 Rover 3500 SDl
1986 Peugeot 205 GDI (tuition car)
1990 Nissan Micra (Tuition car)
1993 Vauxhall Nova (Tuition car)
1992 Ford Escort Mk4 auto (Tuiton car)
1994 Vauxhall Corsa Auto (Tuition car)
1996 Vauxhall Belmont
1994 Volvo 480 ES pre-production (burned out vandalism)
1993 Rover 1.6 GSi (R8) 4 door
1995 Volvo 480 GT
2000 Rover 75 1.8 Classic
2003 Rover 75 1.8T Connie.

If I can count that's 26 cars over 53 years or so, have not included Ford 100E, Ford 107E and several Autin A30/35 vans used for business, or Morris Oxford, Ford Consul Mk2, Vauxhall Victor cars that I drove as taxi's in the 1960's, or Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire driven as chauffer sub-contracted by taxi operators.


Departed 32016
17th August 2011, 23:30
Currently this is my fleet.. Need to stop buying cars!


18th August 2011, 00:04
24 years of driving -

Suzuki AP50 RSN 228R
Kawaski KH100
Mini 1000 RSR 365N
Vaux. Astra Mk2 1.3 NYS 949V
Ford Escort Mk3 Estate 1.6D C695 BSR
Ford Orion 1.6D C29 ASR
Citreon ZX 1.9D K503 FHX
Ford Mondeo 1.8 N120 JYS
VW Passat 1.8 Estate T212 KGA
Rover 45 2.0 TD BP51 ENM
Rover 75 2.0CDT Tourer OG51 LVY current
Rover P6B 3500s RKP 599M current

Grew up on a farm so lots of field cars and bikes -

2 x hillman hunters 1725 tc
suzuki jeep
old saab auto
mk2 cortina
mk3 cortina
hillman avenger
old square lada
mk2 escort

suzuki SS50
suzuki TS185
yamaha IT125
honda CR250
Husqvarna 500

Gate Keeper
18th August 2011, 01:21
Currently have:
Rover 75 V6 and CDTi
Toyota Hilux and Suzuki Vitara 4x4, Discovery.
Past cars:
MG tf
MG Metro
Metro City-X
Daewooo Leganza
Hyundai Elantra
Mazda 2

arvey 652
18th August 2011, 02:19
to my memory i had the following
1958 sunbeam rapier

1958 ford pop van
an original fiat 500
an austin allegro
austin princess 2 ltr
austin ambassador 2ltr A500 FPL
ford escort mk1
triumph acclaim
rover 216gsi
vauxhall cavalier 2ltr
peugeot 405 estate
rover 820 saloon
vauxhall vectra r991 haa
rover 420 r reg
mazda 323f kg02 wup
rover 75 club se 1.8

18th August 2011, 11:21
Start to Finish:

1976 Mini Clubman 1100
1976 Mini 1000
1976 Mini 850
1976 Triumph TR7
???? Austin / Mini Metro Vanden Plas
???? Austin / Mini Metro
1984 Ford Sierra 1.6l
1976 Toyota Celica Mk1
1984 Volvo 460 Gl
1993 Rover 214i
1996 Rover 600
2001 Rover 75 1.8 Conn
2000 Rover 75 2.0l Conn
2002 Rover 75 CDT Tourer

Theres something about 1976 and my Cars...............:p:

18th August 2011, 11:27
Honda 50cc....Could not afford the Fizzy :mad:
Hillman avenger...My first car and loved it, even with all the rust it had! :D
Ford Capri 1.6 GL
Porsche 944....(Money Pit)
Trans am x 2...(whilst in USA)
Nissan 300zx
Audi MK1 TT
Corvette Z06...(whilst in USA)
Z3M Roadster...(currently own)
MG ZT...Still glance back :D

alan deacon
18th August 2011, 12:32
Reliant Robin
Lada Riva
Skoda 110
Polski Fiat 125 P
Yugo 45
Moskovich 412
Rover 75

18th August 2011, 12:39
I passed my test in 1982

Saab 96
Fiat 127 super sport
Ford escort mark 1
Ford cortina mark 1
Mg metro
Mg metro turbo
Fiat 127 super sport(rally car)
Rover metro GTA
Toyota celica mark1
Rover metro GTA(another)
Austin metro rally car
Ford RS2000
Vauxhall carlton CDX
Volkswagen golf 1400
mini 1000
Rover metro GTA (yes another)
Toyota MR2 Mark 1
Vauxhall omega V6
Peugeot 106 1.1
Peugeot 106 1.4
Peugeot 106GTI
Mg tf 135
Bmw 520I SE
Audi A4 2.6 quattro
Mg ZT260 supercharged
Mitsubishi shogun commercial
Ford focus RS
Audi A6 avant 2.7 quattro
Porsche 996 turbo
Mgb gt v8
Mg ZT260
Mg ZT-T260 supercharged

18th August 2011, 15:31
Austin A40
Hillman super minx
Vaxhall FB
Morris Marina
Ford Cortina mk5
Toyota lift back
P6 Rover3500s
P6 Rover 2000 x3
Rover 214
Rover 216gti
Rover 827 Sterling
Rover 45

Rover 75cdti con. se
1948 Rover75

18th August 2011, 15:51
Passed my test in 1987

A reg Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta
D reg Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta
D reg Rover 216 Vitesse
E reg Volvo 480ES (WORST CAR EVER)
G reg Fiesta XR2i
F reg Suzuki Swift GTi
H reg Suzuki Swift GTi
H reg Rover 216 GTi
J reg Rover 216 gtI
L reg Rover 214 cabriolet
L reg Rover 216 coupe (in polynesian.... lovely)
R reg Rover 216 coupe
51 reg Vauxhall Astra coupe... in metallic orange with black leather and white alcantara interior
53 reg MG TF 135
54 reg Valuxhall Vectra SRi + N reg MG F
03 reg Rover 45 Spirit + 04 reg MG TF Sunstorm
Y reg Rover 75 CDT Connoisseur + 04 MGTF Sunstorm
Y Reg Rover 75 CDT Connoisseur + 04 MG ZT 190+

Update since Jan 2010

2006 Peugeot 407 Gt Coupe
2006 Jaguar XJ TDVi Sovereign
2001 Land Rover Freelander 1.8 GS
2006 Mgtf Spark 135

The Jag is currently up for sale to enable a mile muncher to be bought for my 5000 miles a month commuting.


18th August 2011, 17:17
Volvo 340DL (in orange no less)
Cortina Mk5 2.0 Ghia
Rover P6 3500s
68 Jaguar S-Type 3.8 *
67 Mercedes 280SE 3.5 coupe *
Renault 19 16v
Modeo 2.0 ghia
Rover 75 1.8 conn
MB W124 estate 230te
MB W124 estate 300 24v Mosselman turbo (proper sleeper)
E30 bmw 320i SE
E32 bmw 750iL (but i'm not a sheik so it had to go, 8mpg when tramping, no thanks)
MB W210 320 petrol estate
And now the 75

* wish I still had these, bought when a DR in London and rolling in it.....

Not many really considering i'm 50 next year, but a confirmed bike nut & ex London dispatch rider, had bikes since 14 and still my preffered mode of transport, currently have 2x yamaha XTZ750's a Morini 500, 1970 CB450 honda and a Suzuki TL1000s :D

18th August 2011, 17:44
Mine in chronological order

1954 Austin A30 2 Door
1981 Vauxhall Astra Mk1 1300L
1991 Vauxhall Cavalier Mk3 1600GL
1997 Citroen Saxo 1.5D VSX
1990 Cavalier Mk3 SRi
1999 Renault Clio 1.2
1990 Audi 80 2.0E Auto
1991 Vauxhall Carlton Mk2 2.0 GL
1994 Vauxhall Cavalier Mk3 1.7D GLS
2001 Rover 75 MK1 Connoisseur SE CDT
1963 Land Rover SII 2.25 NA
1971 VW Beetle 1300 (still owned - in pieces in my garage)
2001 Land Rover Discovery Series II TD5 ES Auto
2006 Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi ES
2001 Rover 75 MK1 Connoisseur SE CDT (current car)

rob dean
18th August 2011, 23:14
Here are mine:

1988 F Peugeot 309 1.3 Style (Peugeot should have been had under the trade descriptions act)
1989 G Fiat Tipo 1.4DGT (Designed by a genius; assembled by school children)
1982 X Ford Fiesta 1.1 Popular Plus (Times suddenly became hard)
1989 F Ford Escort 1.4L (Boring, but better than the Fiesta)
1990 G Vauxhall Nova 1.2 Sting (Looked like a GTE but didn't go like one)
1988 E Ford Orion 1.6GL (More porridge from Ford)
1990 G Vauxhall Astra 1.6L (Vauxhall porridge this time)
1990 G Ford Sierra 1.8LX (Best car so far...)(This and the previous 4 were company cars during a short spell in the motor trade)
1988 E Austin Maestro 1.3L (The two tone paint scheme and red stripe in the bumpers didn't stop mine being an absolute shed on wheels. What was I thinking?)
1990 G VW Polo 1.3CL (Nice engine, terrifying brakes. Forget the stopwatch to time stopping distance; you needed a calendar for this one)
1997 R Honda Accord 2.2iVTEC (Marvellous car)
2004 54 Rover 75 2.0CDTi Connoisseur (No comment needed :})

So, with the exception of the Honda, the Rover, and possibly the Tipo (it was cutting edge at the time) - nothing to get very excited about...

19th August 2011, 00:41
Vauxhall Royale Coupe Auto - 1979 model (my first car, 13mpg due to rusty fuel tank and minging red velour interior with purple/maroon paintwork)
Rover 216SE -1987i
Peugeot 405 GLW -1986
Peugeot 405 SRi -1989
Peugeot 306 XS -1990
Mini 30 Anniversary (what a hoot) -1989
Peugeot 406 GL -1988
Peugeot 605 SVE - 1995
Peugeot 406 Executive -1996
Mercedes C180 Sport - 1993
Mercedes E200 Classic - 1995
Rover 75 2.5 v6 Connoisseur Manual (awesome) -1999
MG ZT190 -2001
Rover 75 2.0 CDT Connoisseur -2001
Mercedes SLK230 -1997
Audi A6 3.2 FSI quattro -2004
Mercedes SL320 - 1997
Mercedes E220 Cdi - 2001
Nissan Primera 2.2SVE diesel -2005
Fiat Ulysses (we had twins!) -2005
VW Golf Mk III (absolute terrible car)
Mercedes C180 Elegance -1995
Citroen Ax Diesel 1.5D - 1995
Peugeot 105XND - 1995
Mercedes A170CDi - 2001
Mercedes C250 TD estate -1998
Mercedes SLK320 auto -2004
Audi Allroad 2.5 TDI v6 (loved that car until the gearbox ****** died) -2000
Porsche Carrera 2, 996 manual (best car I have ever owned, fantastic and cheap to buy relatively, wish I still had it) -1998
BMW 645Ci (hugely capable but hideously expensive to run) - 2004
Chrysler SRT Design C300 (current commuting tool) - 2009
Ford Fiesta Silver 1.4 (wifes car) - 2003
Rover 75 2.5v6 Connoisseur launch car -1999

and bikes:

Honda CB125T
Honda CM125
Suzuki GSX600
Kawasaki ZX10
Suzuki GSX750F
Suzuki GSXR600R K7
Honda Shadow 750
Honda Fury...my current ride which I love


19th August 2011, 06:38
From what I can remember & not including company cars -
Blue VW Beetle 1300
Blue Austin Allegro 1100
Brown Renault 12 1250
Blue Austin Allegro 1300
Blue mk2 Ford Escort 1100
White Austin Allegro 1300
Red Fiat Strada 1100
Beige Vauxhall Chevette 1250
Beige mk2 Ford Escort 1300
Beige Mk5 Ford Cortina 1600
Beige then Porsche Red Triumph Dolomite 1500 - Stolen
Salmon mk3 Ford Capri 1600
Red mk2 Vauxhall Astra GTE 1800 - Stolen
Beige Mini Metro 1100
Blue Austin Maestro 1600
Red Vauxhall Cavalier 1600
Grey VW Jetta 1600
Green Citroen Xantia 1900D VSX
Black Mercedes 190E
Silver SAAB 9-3 2.0
Blue Land Rover Series 3
Red Porsche 924 2.0
Marachino Porsche 944 2.5
Black Audi 80 Coupe 2.6
Black Land Rover Freelander 1.8
Quartz Blue Mercedes CLK 2.0 Elegance Auto
Black Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 life
Gold BMW 318ci 1800
Volcano Orange MGF 1800 VVC
XPG MG ZT 2.0 CDTi Auto

19th August 2011, 08:17
Passed my bike test in 1970 and car test in 1971 so here goes

1966 Honda 50
1969 Honda CD175
1971 Honda CB175
1966 Ford Corsair 2000E
1969 Triumph Vitesse Convertible
1964 Triumph TR4
1968 Jensen Interceptor At one stage had both Triumphs and the Jensen at the same time
Sold both Triumphs, kept the Jensen and bought
1972 Rover P6 3500 Still kept the Jensen and replaced the Rover with
1975 MGBT V8 (Rubber bumper version) and 1975 Allegro 1300
1982 Ford Granada Ghia ( family Circumstances dictated this)
Change in financial circumstances meant the Granada and Jensen had to go and replaced with
1980 Austin Princess kept the Princess and replaced the Allegro with
1982 Ford Fiesta 950L
1986 Ford Orion Ghia i to replace the Princess
1987 Jaguar XJS 3.6, sold the Fiesta and replaced with the Orion
1987 Ford Escort RS Turbo to replace the Orion
1989 Jaguar XJS 3.6 to replace the 1987 Jag
1973 Range Rover to add to the fleet
1979 Range Rover to replace the 1973
1991 Range Rover to replace the 1979 Range Rover and 1989 Jag
1991 VW Corrado G60 to replace the Escort Turbo
1980 Kawasaki Z750 to add to the fleet
Another change in financial circumstances meant the Range Rover,Corrado and Kawasaki all had to go and were replaced with
1983 Mercedes 200T and
1989 Rover 216GSI
1987 Vauxhall Carlton to replace the Merc, replaced with
1988 Rover 825 then changed to
1989 Rover 827
1997 Ford Mondeo Estate
1998 Citroen XM 2.0 very quickly replaced with
1996 Alfa Romeo 164 3.0 24V, great car but lots of problems so changed to
1995 Rover 827 Sterling, also replaced the Rover 216 with
1995 Ford Probe 24V
1996 Mercedes S320 to replace the Sterling
1999 Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 24V to replace the Probe
1999 Rover 75 2.0 Connoisseur SE

Tens of thousands spent over the years on updating, now seen the light, the Alfa has been owned for 8 years and will never be sold, the Rover has also been owned for 18 months and as it is one of the early ones it will also never be sold, the car may not be worth it but i would rather spend 2-3,000 per year keeping it on the road than buying a new soulless vehicle that will lose a similar amount in depreciation each year

19th August 2011, 08:20
1983 ford fiesta 1.1 ghia crystal green metallic
1985 vauxhall cavalier 1.3 china blue
1986 vw golf 1.8gl antelope brown
1987 ford orion 1.6i ghia silver (two tone anthracite)
1987 vw golf gti black (worst car ever)
1988 toyota corrola gti 16v white (great fun)
1991 peugeot 605 sri grey
1988 renault 21 turbo black (fast, fun but duff)
1989 audi 2.0 coupe red (nice)
1989 audi 2.2 quattro black (really nice)
1989 mg meastro 2.0i red (death trap torque steer)
1989 mazda 626 2.0 12v auto silver/blue (flippin juicey)
1989 rover 820 si fastback silver/blue
1987 toyota celica gt red (great fun)
1991 vauxhall calibra 2.0i auto white (loved this)
1981 porsche 924 carrera gt red (very rare, 75 made for uk)
1985 vauxhall astra 1.8 gte black (pratically concourse)
1995 saab 9000 aero auto black (one of my favourite cars i have owned)
1986 vw scirocco storm antelope brown
1985 vw scirocco storm silver/blue
1985 isuzu piazza turbo auto silver blue two tone
1990 audi 2.3 20v coupe auto black
1991 audi 100 2.3 10v silver
1995 renault laguna 2.0 burgundy
1989 toyota celica gt 4ws grey (imported, fun)
2000 vauxhall vectra sri 140 silver (wife loved this)
2000 ford focus 1.8 tddi (wife loves this too, goes like the clappers with 178,000 miles on it)
1998 saab 9000 anniversary 2.3 turbo scarab green (flippin fast scooby smasher with over 200,000 miles. just sold it)
and of course....
rover 75 2.0 cdt conny white gold (personal line aubergine leather, never let me down, love it)

so just a few, and if my math is correct i have spent not far off 200k on my cars.....idiot

19th August 2011, 12:14
A bit of a brief list for someone who has been motoring for nearly half a century and also shows a liking for estates - can't see why anyone would want a saloon!

Ford Zephyr Mark 2 - inherited from parents when they moved to Singapore
Vauxhall Viva Estate- the worst car EVER
Marina 1.8 DL first company car and seemed to me to be a RR after the Viva!
Cortina Mark 3 Estate 1600 GL
Vauxhall Cavalier Estate1.6 GL
Vauxhall Carlton Estate 1.8GL
Rover 820
Rover 820 - again but also last company car
MGF VVC - bought in 1997 and still got it
Rover 25
Rover 75 Connie 2.5 Tourer - bought in 2001 and still got it